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Victoria Unbleached Cotton Muslin Bengkung Belly Binding Wrap

Sale price$45.19

SageAbay's Premium Organic Cotton Muslin Bengkung Belly Wrap: Breathable & Supportive Postpartum Recovery

Experience traditional postpartum healing with SageAbay's premium Bengkung Belly Binding wrap, crafted from breathable, unbleached, non-GMO cotton muslin. Our 17-yard wrap comfortably fits all sizes, providing customizable support for every stage of postpartum recovery.

Why Choose SageAbay's Organic Muslin Wrap?

* Premium Comfort: Say goodbye to itchy synthetics! Our 100% organic cotton muslin is soft, breathable, and gentle on sensitive skin.
* Universal Fit: Unlike one-size-fits-all belly bands, our 17-yard wrap adjusts to your unique curves and muscle sets, providing personalized support as your body changes.
* Traditional Wisdom: Embrace time-tested traditions from India and Malaysia, where Bengkung belly binding has been used for centuries to aid postpartum healing.
* Targeted Support: Our wrap gently compresses your abdomen, promoting muscle recovery, reducing swelling, and easing back pain. It's especially beneficial for diastasis recti recovery.
* Long-Lasting & Sustainable:  Made with durable serged edges, this wrap is designed to last, offering a more eco-friendly alternative to disposable belly bands.
* Handmade with Love: Each wrap is crafted with care by mothers who understand the importance of postpartum support and healing.

Embrace Tradition, Embrace Your Body

Rediscover your strength and confidence with SageAbay's Bengkung Belly Wrap. Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures your satisfaction, so you can experience the benefits of traditional healing risk-free.

Victoria Unbleached Cotton Muslin Bengkung Belly Binding Wrap
Victoria Unbleached Cotton Muslin Bengkung Belly Binding Wrap Sale price$45.19