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About Us

From Cotton Fields to Motherhood: The Story of SageAbay

During my childhood, while kids in other countries went to school, we in Turkmenistan spent our days in the fields picking cotton from September to December. Every year.

These fields had natural toilet facilities (behind the bushes) and were home to all sorts of insects like scorpions and snakes. Under the scorching sun, we children would cover our faces, keeping our eyes open, and tie two sacks around our lower bodies—one in front, the other in back. We'd head to the fields at 6 am and wouldn't return until after sunset.

Sometimes, if the cotton harvest didn't meet expectations, we would stay in dormitories for months at a time, unable to go home daily.

As young children, we were excited to earn our own money. We tried to pick as much cotton as possible each day, as we were paid per kilogram.

My heaviest day was 40 kilograms, and I couldn't pick any more... That's how I grew up: touching, picking, and understanding the hard work behind pure cotton.

I developed a desire to create beautiful items from this cotton. Over the years, I ran various businesses—some failed, some succeeded. These ranged from tailoring to photography.

But I found my true passion after having my first baby, following a seven-year struggle with infertility.

Motherhood was vastly different from playing with dolls. I experienced significant changes in my body, emotions, and responsibilities. Yet, I couldn't find readily available solutions to help me when I needed them. Whether it was diastasis recti, mastitis, or sleepless nights, things were difficult, and I realized there was a need.

New mothers need care, knowledge, and proper products.

That's how SageAbay was born.

Our mission is to help moms prepare for motherhood and live mindfully throughout their parenting years.

Mindful of themselves, their loved ones, and the environment.

Maral Alymova

CEO & Founder of SageAbay